From the minute you walk in the door, Bridge Haven is a wonderful home with a family atmosphere.
Heather Bravence
Your loving support has meant a great deal to our family. We offer you our sincere gratitude and love.
Robert Green Family
The upbeat and friendly atmosphere at Bridge Haven made all the difference to Joe and us, so thank you.
Jill & Phillip Baringer
I am happy to endorse Bridge Haven Memory Care Residence as a real “home” for residents with dementia. Each resident receives the personal and individualized care and attention that allows each person to live with dignity.
Judith Bellome
Retired CEO at Douglas County Visiting Nurses and Hospice
Thank you for taking such good care of my wonderful husband in the last year of his life. It was so hard to watch such a vibrant and happy man drift away into the fog of dementia and Parkinson’s disease. At least I knew he was being well cared for. Love to you all and keep up the good work.
Vera Dellwig
Mary loved sitting on the sun porch to watch the birds and squirrels, and to urge Colt to fill the feeders. Everyone was very tolerant to watch with Mary her favorite television shows Bonanza and Mash. In the short time she was at Bridge Haven, I got to know her so much better because we were able to spend quality time together.
Sally & Herschel Glover
My Dad had many trips to the ER (from another facility), decubitus ulcer problems, admissions, etc. prior to coming to Bridge Haven. In his last 13 months of life at Bridge Haven, he had none and his decubitus ulcers were healed with great attention and care. I felt great support as my Dad passed. Thank you for providing great care, grace and comfort.
Cindy Carttar
It really feels like a home-the aides were great and will always remember the day Ted passed-when I left, they were all lined up to hug and tell me how much they would miss Ted. Really a wonderful home. Thanks much.
JoAnn Fay
We were so blessed that mom was in Bridge Haven. The staff treated her with love and respect. I never worried about showing up and there being anything wrong. Everyone there was supportive with hugs, kind words, and compassion! We will miss them all!
Lisa Flanders
Sam is happy with you which makes us happy too! Thank you all for everything you do!!
Pam Heath
Richelle and her team are exceptional. You feel their love in all the little things they do.
Debby Crady
Very satisfied in all areas. All 5s out of 5.
Norma Rose
When it came time to find the best care for my husband, I chose Bridge Haven Memory Care Residence. The sunlit rooms, big dining table they all eat around, bright cozy kitchen, and the interactive, attentive, extraordinary staff, gave me that ‘right’ feeling. I have never regretted my choice. Bridge Haven is now our home away from home, and the staff and residents are beloved members of our extended family.
Bootsie Lauridsen
Regardless of his Alzheimer’s, my dad was definitely still a person while he was at Bridge Haven. That’s why I really appreciate the kindness and the intellectual stimulation that the staff at Bridge Haven provided when interacting not only with my dad, but with the other residents, too. They’re still people – and they are aware of how they are being cared for.
Marilyn Horsch
From the time both dad and mom came to you, they were treated like family. Your staff not only took care of them, but you loved them as if they were your own. There aren’t words to describe how much that meant to me and my family. All of you are a gift to not only your residents but the family members who struggle with an upcoming and eventual loss of a piece of their heart. Bless you all!
Elaine Swisher
We were very pleased with the care Barbara received during her time at Bridge Haven. She was treated with love, dignity, and respect. Thank you!
Kay Johnson
It was always a welcome experience from the staff when visiting mom. The staff and ownership genuinely cared for and loved our mom. Thanks!
Kent Ely
We cannot say enough good things about Bridge Haven and the way it is run –cleanliness, friendliness and its very kind and caring staff. We have and will continue to recommend Bridge Haven to others with loved ones who need care.
Deborah & Brian Norwood
I love how they treat each one of the patients. Even when the patient is difficult.
Linda Stidham
The staff at Bridge Haven is always tuned in to what is going on with each patient. Everyone is extremely patient and kind.
Diana Hack
Each person is treated with respect and honor. Patients are clean and checked on often. Food is interesting. Tastes good and easy to eat.
Susan Mayo
What a wonderful and very caring staff.
Malinda Scott