A. Physical Environment

  1. Is the facility on a quiet or busy street?
  2. What is the noise level?
  3. Is there plenty of room to roam freely without obstructions?
  4. Is the facility home-like or institutional feeling?
  5. Are there several sitting areas for family to congregate?
  6. Is the memory unit separated, secure and on one level?
  7. Are the walls and doors painted simple contrasting colors?
  8. Are there large clocks and calendars?
  9. Are the shower areas equipped with grab bars?
  10. Is the facility clean without an overall odor?
  11. Are exit signs and fire escape routes marked?

B. Staff, Management and Services

  1. What is the staff-to-resident ratio?  (should be 1:4 for memory care)
  2. Are the staff respectful and kind when talking with residents?
  3. Is the head nurse and administrator available to staff and residents 24/7?
  4. Are activities simple and soothing? (Failure-free, not complex)
  5. Are there ancillary services available on-site? (Medical, spiritual, other)
  6. Are therapeutic diets available?
  7. Are meals leisurely with assistance provided to those who need it?
  8. Is there a continence management program?
  9. What is the policy if a resident displays less than desirable behavior?

C. Financial and Other Considerations

  1. Is a doctor available on-site when needed?  Therapy services?  X-ray?  Lab?
  2. Are there extra charges for gloves, wipes, laundry, housekeeping, meals, guest meals, snacks, hairdressing?
  3. What is the charge if one-to-one care is needed?
  4. Will the facility file the long term care insurance or is the DPOA responsible?

Please contact Bridge Haven Executive Director, Sarah Randolph, at 785-371-1106 with any questions or to tour Bridge Haven Memory Care Homes.